Graduate Education and Degrees Conferred

Graduate education began in the 1950's and was resumed in 1978. China Medical University is one of the first authorized institutions to award Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees. At the same time, CMU has been empowered to award Master and Doctoral degrees for clinical specialties, and has executed the project to award Master degree to applicants whose academic expertise is equivalent to those certified counterparts. Furthermore, independent entrance examination is undertaken at CMU for excellent on-the-job persons. Foreign students are also enrolled for graduate education. The annual enrollees are over 200 for Master degrees and over 100 for Doctoral degrees. The enrollment for post-graduated is 802 at school, and tutors are over 480. 46 departments (26 clinical and 20 basic sciences) are granted to confer master degrees and 24 specialities (16 clinical and 8 basic sciences) to confer doctoral degrees. Three postdoctoral mobile stations are on the campus for postdoctoral researchers on basic medicine, clinical medicine and biology. Information of admission for various specialities (in order of the first class subject catalogue) are as follows:
1. Psychology: (awarding education or medical science degree)
applied psychology (Medical psychology)
2. Biology: (awarding science or medical science degree)
#physiology, microbiology, #genetics, #cell biology,
biochemistry and molecular biology, biophysics.
3. Biomedical engineering: (awarding engineering, science or medical science degree)
4. Basic Medicine: (awarding science or medical science degree)
#human anatomy and histology-embryology, immunology, pathogenic biology, #pathology and pathophysiology, #forensic medicine.
5. Clinical Medicine: (awarding medical specialty or medical science degree)
Internal Medicine (#Cardiovascular disease, #Hematology, #Gastroenterology, #endocrine and metabolic disease, #Nephrology, Rheumatic disease and #Infections disease) Surgery (#General surgery, Orthopedics, Urology, #Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery, Neurosurgery) #Pediatrics (including pediatric surgery), Gerontology, Neurology, #Dermatology and Venereology, #Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Diagonostics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, #Ophthalmology,#Otorhinolaryngology,#Oncology, rehabilitation and physical medicine, #Anesthesiology, emergency medicine.
6. Stomatology: (awarding medical science degree)
basic stomatology, clinial stomatology.
7. Public Health and Preventive Medicine: (awarding medical science or science degree)
epidemiology and health statistics, ¡îindustrial hygiene and environment hygiene, child and adolescent health maternal and child care and, health toxicology.
8. Pharmacy: (awarding medical science or ecience degree)
#Pharmacology CMU is accredited to confer master degree in all subjects above, and to confer both master and doctoral degree as well as accept postdoctoral researchers in subjects with #. Applicant information for next year may be freely requested by mail prior to the end of July every year for domestic students. Students from HongKong, Macao or Taiwan may contact the office for HongKong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs. Foreign students are advised first to consult the International Office. Postdoctoral researchers should contact the Postdoctoral Administrative Office before April 1st every year.
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International Office, China Medical University for foreign students.
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